Devon Alexander is a 15 year-old teenager coping with the monotonous reality of his average life. His life receives an interesting reprieve as he has his first realistic dream of a spaceship. The strangest thing about the dream is that he seems to be the only one on board who isn’t in a dream-like trance. Before he can figure out anything about the dream or his strange shipmates, he manages to wake up. The next day, Devon catches a news story about inexplicable comas taking place all over the world. Devon’s life becomes increasingly interesting as he recognizes some of the victims from his spaceship trip. 

Devon and an unlikely group of other teens start devising a plan to find out who is behind the strange dreams and the comas. Their plan is not only successful but immerses them in to the fantastical world that only resides in dreams. While in the dream world, the teens learn about the power of teamwork, a new world of culture, and their hidden potential to be heroes. 

Suspenseful, funny at the most unexpected of times, and just a hint of teenage romance, Lucid takes a group of young adults and throws them into a fantasy world that they only thought could exist in their dreams. In a sense, they’re right. 

What's so amazing about L.E. Fred's Lucid is that there's always a great sense of adventure that will keep the reader hooked until the end. The characters have strong personality traits that make them unique and stand out for different reasons, and it's exciting to see how they handle the adventure waiting for them. Lucid is a great fantasy tale that I can't recommend enough.

Amazon Customer Review by Nicole Cerritelli 


This book sucks you in from the first page. The main character, a teen boy named Devon,


has a realistic voice and he's very likeable. The story has a lot of intrigue,which kept me


reading. I liked the fact that although it was a fantasy novel, it had a very real and very


contemporary feel to it. I checked the author's site and it looks like there's a sequel planned!

YA Author Krysten Lindsay Hager 

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